Some views of the River Findhorn

Randolphs Leap

A clansman of the Comyns leapt this to escape from Randolphs men. He jumped from the right to the left.     In spate I have seen the ledge on the right covered with water.!

After a Spate

The result of a spate around early December 2008.  Just as well the two lads had moved on, the bank on the other side of the tree trunk is littered with the leavings of the rivers fury.


A "bucket bridge" used by fishermen to cross dry shod, you sit in the bucket and pull !   We have paddled across about 50 yards downstream.

The Streens

These slopes are called the Streens they run from Ruthven to Drynachan, here we are looking west about 1 mile or so from the bucket bridge.

Balnachroick House

Balnachroick House about 2 miles from a tarred road but first you have to ford the Findhorn before  Dalness then a "cliffside" track to Drynachan.   You hope for good weather before you go out.   The river looks peaceful  but can quickly become a raging torrent as the height of the stone piled at the edges show.

The Streens

Looking east 3 miles or so from the bucket bridge,  the " line"  three quarters up the picture is the track from Dalness,   the lower sandy area is slippage.


Autumn near Ardclach. Just a hundred yards from where the river roars and tumbles over rocks. The canoeists start their journey to Sluie here

Dultulich Bridge

Daltulich Bridge. This is the second bridge on this spot. When the first fell down the contractor built another, but he didn't lose on the deal because he had charged enough to build two..

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